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TækkerAIR Aarhus

From 2017-19 TækkerAIR Aarhus offered international artists and curators a residency stay in Aarhus - facilitated by Aarhus Center for Visual Art and kindly supported by Tækker Group/Tækker Fonden who sponsored the appartment.



Anneka French and Craig Ashley, curators/producers, New Art West Midlands, Birmingham
Caoimhe Kilfeather, artist, Ireland (organised by curators Sasha Rose Richter and Pamela Grombacher)
Jessie McNeil, research-residence, artist, Canada
Ceci Moss, curator-in-residence, AaBKC Residency, USA
Joanne Masding, artist, UK
Fiona Reilly, artist, Ireland
Marta Gracia, Hangar, Spain
Lovro Japundžić, curator (organised by Galleri Image)

Dominika Kluszczyk, producer, study visit (collaboration with Culture Zone Wrocław)
Kelly Lloyd, artist-in-residence, AaBKC Residency
Mary Conlon, curator and Fiona Reilly, artist
Flux Factory (collaboration with ARoS Atelier)
Laura Köönikka, curator-in-residence, AaBKC Residency 
Bernadette Wolbring, artist
Nika Blasser, artist (collaboration with curators Sasha Rose Richter and Pamela Grombacher)