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Applying for Residencies

Application processes and selection criteria vary widely across residency programs. But in general, residency administrators are looking for artists who are a good fit for their program. With this in mind, we advise:

Tailor your application to the open call.
Avoid submitting a generic application text. Instead, address the specific themes and ideas expressed in the open call to explain why you are the best fit for the program. It can help to use key terms and phrases from the open call in your application.

Be specific
Give concrete examples of local people, places, and resources you want to engage with during the residency.

If you want to build your network, name two or three people you’d like to meet, and explain why they interest you. If you want to explore the local area, specify where you want to go, and why. If you want to conduct research, list some institutions you could visit, or specialists you could consult. If you want to experiment in the studio, explain what you hope to do and why the residency is the right place to try something new.

Be concise. 
It is important that the selection committee can easily remember you during the selection process. Try to use a few key words or phrases that best summarize your practice, and illustrate with concrete examples.

Follow guidelines. 
Make sure you follow guidelines regarding online submission forms, word count, file sizes and formats, page numbers, etc., so that your application is not disqualified.

As part of our free counseling services, Aarhus Billedkunstcenter offers advice and feedback on residency applications. To book an appointment please email international@aabkc.dk.