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Finding Residencies

Statens Kunstfond
Statens Kunstfond offers funded international residencies for artists and professionals within the Danish art scene. You can read about their programs and application process here.

Open Calls
Most residencies require that you apply directly to the host institution. Use these databases to find residency programs and open call listings:

Narrow Your Search
Residency databases can have hundreds of open calls. To find the most relevant opportunities, use keywords and/or search filters that sort residencies by theme, artistic focus, geographic location, facilities offered, fees, etc. 

When possible, we recommend searching by residency profile or theme, rather than by application deadlines. This usually makes it easier to find residencies that match your needs and interests.

When scanning open calls, consider which kind of residency would be most beneficial to your practice. 

  • Studio residencies focus on production and can offer specialized facilities
  • Thematic residencies focus on research, sometimes with other artists and relevant professionals
  • Self-directed residencies allow for open-ended artistic experimentation
  • Online residencies can accommodate work and family obligations

Also consider practical questions when reading open calls, such as:

  • Does the residency offer private or shared studio space? 
  • Is the accommodation shared with other artists?
  • Do you need to find your own studio or accommodation?
  • How long is the residency?
  • Does the residency charge fees or offer financial support?
  • Is there a production or materials budget?
  • Is there a travel budget?
  • Can you access the residency via slow travel?
  • Do you need a work or travel visa?
  • Can you bring partners and/or children?
  • Can you apply as an artist duo or collective?