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Other residencies at AaBKC

2016: Christian Saucedo
Christian Saucedo is an artist and architect from Durango, Mexico. Motivated by a desire to learn about Nordic approaches to light and cultural identity in architecture, Saucedo conducted extensive research during his residency at Aarhus Billedkunstcenter, including an intensive 10-day workshop at Arkitektskolen Aarhus and an ongoing collaboration with local designer Hans Peter Blichfeldt Dinesen (their project, Mindet - Gallery of Light, traces light and time in an abandoned building on the city’s industrial harbor front). Saucedo's residency culminated in the exhibition of his new work, Klodeskyer, a wood-and-paper sculpture that explores the relationship between natural light, built space, and shifting materiality. 

During his residency, Saucedo also exhibited video work at Kunsthal Aarhus as part of the 2016 FoodFilmFestival, and delivered multiple public talks, including a 30-minute presentation at AaBKC’s inaugural Art Bar.

Learn more about Christian Saucedo and Klodeskyer.

2015: Agency Lab
Agency Lab is an artist run collective based in Sheffield. In september 2015 Michelle Atherton, TC McCormack, Gary Simmonds and Julie Westerman visited Aarhus. 

2014: Alioum Moussa (collaboration with Sigrids Stue)
African artist Alioum Moussa visited the Aarhus suburb Gellerup and worked on an art project for the citizens.

Tom Lovelace (in collaboration with Galleri Image)
Zulu MBaye (in collaboration with the Danish Cultural Institute)