Past activities

  • Spring (MAY) 2015

Aabkc kindly invites you to the Art Weekend Aarhus in Denmark.

ART WEEKEND AARHUS [AWA] is an art festival held yearly in and around the city of Aarhus, Denmark. [AWA] is initiated and organized by the Danish online art magazine together with Aarhus Center for Visual Art, Kunsthal Aarhus and Gallery Image. [AWA] always has an exciting line-up of venues spanning across exhibitions, openings, after parties, seminars, artist talks, artist brunches, workshops, guided tours and much more.

This year’s [AWA] ART WEEKEND AARHUS takes place May 29rd – 31th.

[AWA] Art Weekend Aarhus presents three days with intense focus on the art in Aarhus, when the professional art milieu comes out to (dis)play. The happenings take place in different locations around the city, some of which are ARoS, Kunsthal Aarhus, galleries, art schools, the cultural production centre Godsbanen, and so on.



The third Art Weekend Aarhus art festival focused on the the question of what it is that actually creates a dynamic and interesting art scene? What inspires it? What does it need to thrive and what challenges it? 

With this year’s Art Weekend Aarhus people were invited on a journey into the artistic life of Aarhus, from the grass roots to the established milieus, with a wide spectrum of exhibitions and events!

Under the title IN THE MAKING we invited the audience into the hidden areas of the art world to gain an insight, into what happens behind the scenes of art, with Artists Talks, seminars and special art tours.

AWA offered an intense experience of the many facets and forms of artistic expression, in the city’s exhibition spaces, art schools and artist-driven project spaces. Besides letting the public experience the exhibitions on their, AWA offered guided walks, bike- or bus tours with qualified guides who gave exciting insights into the art scene of Aarhus and its on-going development towards 2017.

This year has invited curator Charlotte Bagger Brandt on board to shed a special light on both Art Weekend Aarhus and Copenhagen Art Week. Apart from openings, 2014 was also about salons, artist talks and guided tours. This year these took a step beyond, what an art audience normally experiences and offered a different insight into the processes behind the (art)scenes. Bagger Brandt works with the mobile curatorial office Råderum, where she for many years has worked with contemporary art in new formats, in public spaces, in urban renewal projects and in hospitals, both nationally and internationally.


During the art weekend, where the big and small art-institutions alike opened their doors with exhibitions and activities, we took the opportunity to look behind the scenes and show how art lives and interacts beyond the showroom – in the studio and in the community.

With the making of art tracked the artistic processes before and during the shaping of works of art. What does it take to create a work of art? What precedes the final work and the prepared exhibition? What is actually happening behind the gallery walls, at the work desk, in the laboratory, in the brain, in the workshop, at the exhibition space? This year we told the stories behind it all.

AWA were present in Wes Lang’s studio, the setting of his current exhibition (29. marts - 7. september) at ARoS, which gives us an occasion to reflect upon the identity-creating space of the artist, and how the artistic day-to-day work happens.

AWA offered guided tours - alternative routes through the hidden corners, alleys and outskirts of the city, where various and alternate types of art exist. The tours were led in idiosyncratic formats by the artists Daniel van der Noon, Hans Oldau Krull and Ulrik Lund – who, through their individual profile and artistic style appeal to different tastes and audiences.

AWA arranged a guided bus tour to art ornamentations in public spaces which people use every day - from university environments through the workplace to the hospital, the nursing home, the school and the harbour. The very same artists who have carried out the decorative art works we visit lead this tour shared the thoughts behind their work, and how it relates to its surroundings.

During AWA the doors were open to the artist’s studios, giving the audience the chance to meet the artists in their own creative universes, where an idea is transformed into a process and then to the final piece – the places where the works of art are born.

AWA arranged an informal salon and conversation between artistic curator of The New University Hospital in Skejby (DNU) Lene Laigaard Andersen and the artists Birgit Johnsen & Hanne Nielsen, who have been chosen to do the decoration of DNU. Along with the Stiftstidende newspaper’s cultural editor Peter Nørskov, the audience was invited to participate in a discussion about the potential of art when it moves outside the walls of the museum, the role of art in the environment of the hospital and the criteria for choosing it.

Too see pictures and other documentations of this year’s AWA, visit the Facebook page:


Art Weekend Aarhus (AWA) is an annual art festival, which was held for the third time in 2014. AWA is arranged by the Danish web magazine, a vital communication platform that continues to consolidate a fertile ground beneath a versatile Danish art scene.

AWA is held in cooperation with 17 exhibition spaces, institutions and artist-run project spaces and about 20-30 loosely connected national and international collaborating partners. AWA puts the spotlight on art of the highest quality in Aarhus and surrounding areas. Apart from the many different exhibitions, we are arranging a variety of other art-related activities and events in Aarhus.

Art Weekend Aarhus 2014 was realized in cooperation with the following partners and exhibition spaces: Kunsthal Aarhus, ARoS Kunstmuseum, Galleri Image, Galleri Profilen, Galerie MøllerWitt, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Lunchmoney Gallery, Spanien 19C, Møllestien 5, Rum46, Institut for (X), VEST Art Studio, Byhøjskolen / Aarhus Kunstskole, Det Jyske Kunstakademi, Aarhus Kunstakademi, Skolen for Kunst & Design, Aarhus Centre for Visual Arts (Godsbanen).


KUNSTRUTEN - from Godsbanen to Gellerup, 2014 (THE ART ROUTE)

Kunstruten is a part of Aarhus Centre for Visual Arts’ biggest project yet, From Godsbanen to Gellerup, which aims to intertwine urban development, art, cultural diversity and citizen participation in order to contribute to the creation of a more cohesive city towards Aarhus as the European Capital of Culture 2017.

Kunstruten is carried out in collaboration with Sigrids Stue and the local artist and teacher Joaquin Zaragoza. Joaquin Zaragoza has, apart from his work as an artist, worked with children age 6-19 at the Aarhus Billed- og Medieskole (visual and media school). Joaquin is originally from Spain, graduated from the Jutland Art Academy in 2006 and has since worked as a professional artist.


In concrete terms, Kunstruten is a physical route that is approximately 9km long and stretches from Godsbanen through Brabrandstien. Brabrandstien is a bike and foot pathway from the centre of the city to the suburb of Brabrand, running partly along the Aarhus river and ending up in the Gellerup Park in Brabrand. Kunstruten is a means of giving children the opportunity to express themselves creatively and take an active part in forming the city’s public spaces. Joaquin has worked with a team of children age 8-13 at Godsbanen and a team in Tousgaardsladen in Gellerup age 6-13. Joaquin and the children have for more than 6 months worked with various themes and materials. They have drawn, painted, cut, pasted and worked with plaster, photography and maps and much more.

The three weeks during which the Kunstruten will be open – from May 11th to June 10th – the city’s inhabitants will be able to walk, run and bike along the route and experience the children’s creations along the way. During this period there will occasionally be miniworkshops (primarily but not exclusively) for children in various locations as for example Sigrids Stue, the Gellerup library, on the green areas by the Gellerup Park, and at Godsbanen’s textile workshop.

The route is meant to give people an incentive to fare out into the outskirts of the city and thereby physically and mentally connect the two city areas. Kunstruten aims to appeal to people’s curiosity and facilitate insight into new areas of the city so that they can experience the diversity Aarhus has to offer, both culturally and artistically.

To see all the creatives works the children have made click here


  • November 2013

Aarhus Center for Visual Arts (AABKC) has initiated a collaboration with Aarhus University, who is organizing the conference "RETHINK Participatory Cultural Citizenship"

AABKC will arrange the panel discussion and workshop series “Art and Participatory Strategies”

Background information: 
In recent years increased focus has been placed on citizen participation and public involvement, especially within fields such as city planning, the arts, technological innovation, new digital media, and social entrepreneurship. In this relation it is important to discuss, how citizens can influence concrete projects as well as which positive or negative values their influence creates. With the conference Rethink Participatory Cultural Citizenship Aarhus University has invited Danish and international researchers, artists and cultural activists to explore and discuss the processes through which citizens can gain actual, and not only symbolic co-determination, and thereby how real participatory democracy can be achieved. The conference will take place in Aarhus, November 14th.

By arranging the panel session and workshop "Art and Participatory strategies", Aarhus Center for Visual Art wishes to contribute to rethinking art in public spaces and problematizing access to expression in the public domain despite challenges such as differing financial, linguistic, and educational levels. Through both theory and case presentations Art and Participatory Strategies asks: Who has access to expression in the public domain? How do we improve the possibilities for art production in public spaces? How do we secure artistic quality and diversity in city planning? Can artistic projects stimulate and give an incentive for active co-ownership without instrumentalizingart in the process?

To elaborate on these questions Aarhus Centre for Visual Art has invited Polish artist, curator and researcher Agnieszka Wolodzko and German artist and member of the artist collective KUNSTrePUBLIK Matthias Einhoff to present their respective projects. Moreover Adria Florea and Anja Raithel from Aarhus Center for Visual Art will present the center’s current project “From Godsbanen to Gellerup”. Hereafter both Wolodzko and Einhoff will be hosting workshops. to 16th.

Find out more about the PANEL SESSION.

Find out more about the WORKSHOPS.

  • May 2013

Aarhus Center for Visual Arts presents a group exhibition as a part of the AWA 2013 programme. Our intern Sabrina Spaabæk Bilander curates the outdoor exhibition URBANE VILDSPOR (lost in urban space), which is an experimental inquisition into the impact of art on public space.

You are cordially invited to our exhibition opening May 24th at 3pm, in the lobby at Godsbanen's main entrance from Skovgaardsgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C. We will offer a refreshment and take you on a guided tour where we will present the works of art. Keep an eye on AABKC's website for further details on the final placement of the art works and to see the schedule of our different guided tours between May 24th and 26th.

ART WEEKEND AARHUS [AWA] 2013 is an art festival held yearly in and around the city of Aarhus, Denmark. [AWA] is initiated and organized by the Danish online art magazine

[AWA] always has an exciting line-up of venues spanning across exhibitions, openings, after parties, seminars, artist talks, artist brunches, workshops, guided tours and much more.

This year’s [AWA] ART WEEKEND AARHUS takes place May 24th – 26th.

[AWA] Art Weekend Aarhus 2013 presents three days with intense focus on the art in Aarhus, when the professional art milieu comes out to (dis)play. The happenings take place in different places around the city, some of which are ARoS, Kunsthal Aarhus, galleries, art schools, the cultural production centre Godsbanen, and so on.

You are cordially welcome to join us for a glass of wine at the various exhibition openings. If you’re the partying type, [AWA] will surely not disappoint with our art fests, concerts and other dynamic happenings.

Most happenings are free, but if they are not, it will not cost you an arm and a leg to experience the art at [AWA] Art Weekend Aarhus May 24th – 26th.



  • March 2013

Launch of one of the world's first online App Galleries for art apps?

Aarhus Center for Visual Arts (Aabkc) launched its new online App Gallery at Godsbanen on March 21st. App developers Signe Klejs (media artist and designer) and Jacob Tækker (artist) introduced their respective apps Breathless Moment and Man in a Box.

Aabkc held an art workshop in the fall of 2012 in collaboration with CAVI (The Centre for Advanced Visualisation and Interaction). The workshop was led by CAVI's head of department Morten Lervig and Associate Professor of digital aesthetics Søren Pold who presented the possibilities entailed in using apps as artistic tools. There is no "Arts" category on neither Apple's App Store nor on Google Play. It can therefore be a challenge to navigate through the app stores and take advantage of the possibilities entailed in using apps as a form of artistic expression. The workshop participants expressed a desire and interest in using a site that would gather art apps in one place. 

As a result, our intern Rebecca Aviaaja Stevn developed and produced this App Gallery site where she carefully handpicked a couple of dousin art apps, which are both interesting and of a high qualitative standard. Aabkc will update the app selection continuously in order to ensure that artists and those interested in art can always find some of the best apps out there. 

In our choice of apps emphasizes two basic parametres: (1) whether the apps are developed around considerations as interactivity and entertainment (e.g. as games) and (2) whether the developers explore and challenge the full spectrum of the medium. Apps are in themselves interactive and very seldomly  designed as "display only" or "zero-player" interfaces, which is why many of the selected apps are a cross-blend between game and artwork. 

You can find our App Gallery here. The descriptions are in Danish, but you can click your way to the App Store where you can find out more about the individual apps in English.


  • January 2013

Talk – part 1: The Mexican art scene
Eduardo Abaroa (born 1968) will present the audience with a number of central contemporary artists and contextualize their production relative to the performance of the Mexican art scene over the last 20 years. Through the 70s and 80s Abaroa see a marginalization of the Mexican artists, during the 90s they begin to orient themselves towards South America, USA and Europe. In the wake a number of art institutions sprout in Mexico, e.g.  Abaroa opens the alternative artist-run exhibition venue Temistocles 44. The developments of the art scene lead to a number of problems that Eduardo Abaroa wishes to discuss with the audience.

Talk – part 2: Concerning his own practice and other Mexican contemporary artists
Abaroa will be presenting works by a number of prominent contemporary artists: Gabriel Orozco, Sofía Táboas, Daniel Guzman, Miguel Calderón, Pablo Vargas Lug, Minerva Cuevas, Fernando Ortega, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Edgardo Aragon and Julieta Aranda.
Eduardo Abaroa graduated as MFA from California Institute of the Arts and as BFA from Escuela Nacional de Artes PLASTICAS (UNAM), Mexico City and works with small sculptures, installations and major site-specific works.

The target group: Artists, intermediaries, students at the academies and the aesthetic studies as well as other interested parties.


  • November 2012

The art-exhibition "Stramt" with works by former Street Artist Mormor, aka Kristian Bruun Djurhuus

Opening of the exhibition: 5-7 PM, November 23rd 2012
The exhibition will be open Monday-Friday from 9AM to 3PM, up to and including the 21stof December. 
Where: Godsbanen in the new exhibition-space between the main building and the projectdesks.
We would like to invite the entire city to a lively opening, not to mention the exhibition-premiere in the new and smallest exhibition-space at Godsbanen. The name of the exhibition-space will be announced on the opening day. Artist, illustrator and former Street Artist – Mormor – has moved from the walls of the city into Godsbanen in Aarhus. He will display artworks created for, and in the environment.
Mormor and Godsbanen are presenting the exhibition with bubbly drinks and music, in collaboration with Aarhus Center for Visual Art and Rune Kilden. 

About Mormor
Mormor (Kristian Bruun Djurhuus, 26 år) is a visual artist and illustrator. Apart from hefty exhibition-activity - both solo and in group – he has decorated rooms for the theater Svalegangen, the stairway leading up to the art-cinema Øst for Paradis, the nightclub V58 and now also several places at Godsbanen, which are a part of the opening. 
Go to
You can find the exhibition at Godsbanen. Go through the door in the center of the picture:


  • October 2012

In October 2012 the DRA is meeting in Aarhus for their 13th annual conference in a four part project: the first part is a workshop where members of the DRA collaborate on creating an artist book for the duration of one week. The second part is the conference itself where members discuss current issues, the future and what is next. The third part is an exhibition of the book and the past week and lastly the fourth part is a day of happenings where members of DRA give talks, readings or performances but bring in locals to contribute to that day.

Martyn Last from the Dieter Roth Academy documented the symposium

Since the opening of Godsbanen March 30th 2012, Aarhus Center for Visual Art has arranged a wide variety of activities including network meetings, interdisciplinary workshops and artist talks. We have organized an artist talk with artist and curator Agnieszka Wolodzko (PL), co-curator at dOCUMENTA (13) Joasia Krysa (PL) and the artist collective Flux Factory (US).

In August 2012, we also arranged a trip to dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel, Germany, and we corporate amongst others with Jutland Art Academy, Aarhus University, CAVI, Aarhus Centre for Contemporary Art, Gallery Spanien 19c, Aarhus School of Architecture and Institution for (x) (which is located end to end with Godsbanen).

Furthermore, we will continuously facilitate IT-courses in webpage-building, InDesign, Final Cut and Photoshop, and we are constantly seeking to expand our international network with the purpose of attracting interesting partners; artists, curators, scholars etc.

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