Udstilling i Mellemrummet: Etheric Activation Unit

Malgorzata Zurada created the site-specific installation Etheric Activation Unit in anticipation of her residency at Aarhus Billedkunstcenter. The installation will be on display in Mellemrummet until September 22, 2017.

About Etheric Activation Unit:

wear a belt of clay |
run opposite to the water current |
<-o-> - do this five times, back and forth then throw an arrow into the river |
light a fire of jungle trees and add to it some grass and herbs |
run around the fire until you are breathless, then stop |
draw this with ash: o --> -----ghinetee----ghinetee-----|
call the servant of the Moon, make a request and it will be granted |||

Installation in a form of interactive, spatial talisman, developed specially for Mellemrummet as a part of artist-in-residence stay at Aarhus Center for Visual Art. Based on the concept of working with planetary powers for obtaining results as laid out in the 11th-century grimoire Picatrix and several contemporary sources.


Opening reception: 08.18/2017, 16:30
Exhibition dates: 08.19 - 09.22/2017
Location: Mellemrummet (Godsbanen), Skovgårdsgade 3 – 5, DK-8000 Aarhus C

Learn more about Malgorzata Zurada here and here.