Workshops at Godsbanen

Besides the rentable art studios, Godsbanen also has several user-friendly workshops to support all kinds of artistic expressions:

The Graphic Workshop
The graphic workshop consists of an IT-section, a section for copying, a section for large-size formats and a section for aftercare and finish. The workshop is very suitable for the production of brochures, posters, flyers, books etc. Furthermore, it has a large selection of paper and cardboard.

The Wood Workshop
This workshop has a large selection of wood, tools, machinery and it has skilled coworkers to guide you. The workshop is suitable for small reparations as well as huge design projects.

The Metal Workshop:
If you want to weld or solder, this workshop has all the necessities; tools, machinery, lathes and a large selection of iron-, aluminum-, steel- and brass plates.

The Forming Workshop
If you work with sculptures and pottery using materials such as clay, gypsum or limestone, this workshop has the machinery you need such as lathes as well as 3 kilns at 400 l, 180 l and at 100 l.

The Workshop for Textile and Serigraphy
This workshop offers the necessary machinery for working with textiles and serigraphy, as well as the opportunity to rent frames in several sizes paper and textile print.

Aarhus Film Workshop
Aarhus Film Workshop has a lot of equipment and necessary software for recording and editing. To be able to use their facilities and resources, you must send an application to the workshop. For more info, go to:

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