Traverse - Connecting International Art Communities is a new research platform that facilitates long-distance communication between visual artists and arts organizations from all over the world.

Specifically, Traverse aims to promote critical dialogue about artists’ working conditions while building a global network of partners who work to improve such conditions.

We at Aarhus Billedkunstcenter are partnering with like-minded arts organizations to create international work opportunities for local artists. We pair Aarhus-based artists with visual artists from our partner organizations and invite them to enter creative dialogue about specific topics relating to artists' working conditions. This may involve mailing exchanges, bilocated performances, trans-continental gestures, or other forms of long-distance communication.

Traverse is a platform for open-ended experimentation that prioritizes process and discourse over artistic production. Participating artists are free to test new modes of collaboration without being obligated to produce a final project or art object. The goal, instead, is to start a conversation. With Traverse, we hope to generate new questions, new ideas, and new relations between culturally diverse artists.

If you are interested in participating in Traverse, please contact Kirstine Højmose at

Traverse is part of AaBKC International.


Traverse Pilot:

Traversed was launched in December 2016 with a pilot project made in collaboration with Hangar, a cultural prodcution and artist resource center in Barcelona, Spain. Using the theme of productivity as a starting point, we invited local artist Anders Visti to enter long-distance dialogue with Barcelona-based artist Christina Schultz.

Over the course of three months, Anders and Christina explored the role of artists as producers within current social, political, and affective economies. Several works grew out of their collaboration, including a digital tool designed to soothe the anxious producer and a lullaby call line for the insomniac producer.

Anders Visti presented their collaboration at AaBKC's ART BAR, organized in collaboration with Det Jyske Kunstakademi, who hosted the event in their special laboratory for art and the public, Splab

Christina Schultz will present the project at Hangar's monthly Paratext event on July 12, 2017.

See Anders Visti's full work here:

Christina Schultz, Young Boy Dive, 2017. Collage.

Lullabys by Christina Schultz. To call the lullaby hotline, dial 00 34 93 595 12 65.

Christina Schultz:
Anders Visti:


Traverse er støttet af / is supported by Det Obelske Familiefond og Tækker Group/Tækker Fonden.