Residence at Godsbanen

Aarhus Center for Visual Art wants to support the exchange between Danish and foreign artists, curators and institutions. We do this, amongst other things, by inviting them to reside at Godsbanen for a period of time, involving them in lectures, talks, workshops or other projects that support interdisciplinary initiatives. There is no specific artist-in-residence program at Godsbanen; residence at Godsbanen is therefore at one’s own expense. 

Godsbanen has ten apartments which are very suitable for artists in residence. As a tenant of one of the apartments (called Kupé 1-10), you are obliged to contribute to the community of Godsbanen during your residence. This could be with a lecture, a workshop, a talk, an open rehearsal etc. The apartments cannot be used for private use or commercial purposes.

Visit for more informations about the guest apartments. 

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