Artist-in-Residence Fall 2017

Photo by Martin Winther.

Aarhus Billedkunstcenter / Aarhus Center for Visual Art has selected Malgorzata Zurada as artist-in-residence for Fall 2017. Malgorzata will live and work in Aarhus from August 14 – September 22, 2017, where she will have an opportunity to meet local artists and arts professionals, visit artist studios and exhibition spaces, and participate in networking meetings and cultural events.


About Malgorzata Zurada
Małgorzata Żurada is an interdisciplinary artist based in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2002 (MFA in Graphic Arts and Graphic Design) and University of Warsaw (Management in Culture, 2009). A practitioner of lifelong learning, she also studied modern mime performance at the Dramatic Theatre in Warsaw (2007-2008), balinese painting at Agung Rai Museum of Art (2009), sound design at Emory University (2013), three dimensional design at Central Saint Martins, UAL (2015) among other subjects.

Her area of interest revolves around the notions of meaning and belief. She develops her works from heterodox mythologies, occult theories and rituals of past and present. The main areas of her research are visual languages connected to various belief systems and means of coding esoteric knowledge. Over the years the core of her practice has been gradually shifting from graphic arts towards more conceptual and ephemeral work, making use of performative potential of her body and embracing time and space as other factors of potential meaning. Currently her practice is interdisciplinary and includes sculptural installation, drawing, video, photography, performance and sound. Recent works are usually either interventions into existing landscapes (Sigils / 2016) or transformations of symbols and narratives into spatial or time-based experiments (Invocation of Sol / 2014, Eyes that see everything / 2017).

Małgorzata Żurada took part in exhibitions and artist-in-residence programs in Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Norway and Indonesia. She co-founded two artist-run spaces in Warsaw – Basen and 81°. Her works are in private and public collections in Poland and abroad. In 2016 she received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.